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HankInvest delivers substantial value in terms of career guidance to Hanken students and is the only actor that specifically focuses on connecting Hanken students with the very competitive industries of investment banking, management consulting and related industries.

Our main purpose is to help Hanken students in forming and reaching their career goals, we do this by organizing two excursions abroad, various events both independently and in co-operation with different companies and by distributing relevant information to students. HankInvest is completely student-driven, the board consisting of 12 students who run the activities of HankInvest.

Our main goal for 2020 is to attract more young students to our events and enhance Hanken students application & interview readiness. Furthermore, we wish to promote the Hanken Students Brand and raise awareness for our focus industries.


Jesper Lundkvist
HankInvest President 2020



Jesper Lundkvist


Emil Karjalainen

Board Member

Vanessa Ekstam

Board Member

Catarina Cawén

Co-Vice President

Max Heino

Board Member

Tito Pipping

Board Member

Robert von Martens

Co-Vice President

Sara Teräsvasara

Board Member

Nicolas Arppe

Board Member

Edvin Engman

Board Member

Rikhard Mickwitz

Board Member

Tristan Westerholm

Board Member

Vanessa Ekstam





Vanessa is a second-year finance major and new on the board for this year. This upcoming year Vanessa will be responsible for organizing the Women in Finance Brunch, and will also help out with organising several other HankInvest events. 


Having spent her high school years in Switzerland, there’s always a strong longing to the beautiful alps and its surroundings. Vanessa has spent most of her adolescence touring around Lapland on a pair of slalom skis and is now working as a coach to hopefully transfer her knowledge to the next generation of future world champions. 


When Vanessa isn’t stressing over exams or talking about slalom technique, she enjoys doing all kinds of sports and loves spending quality time with her family and friends.


Get In Touch

Jesper Lundkvist (President)

+358 40 505 6246

Robert von Martens (Co-Vice President)

+358 45 651 4042

Catarina Cawén (Co-Vice President)

+358 40 844 9674

Runebergsgatan 39 A 30

00100, Helsingfors

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