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Stockholm Excursion

The Stockholm excursion is a chance for top students to get to know leading investment banks, consulting firms, and private equity firms in the Swedish capital



Rowing Competiton

The legendary rowing competition takes place every spring where universities row head to head at the monumental Soutustadion in Helsinki

Spring 2021

London Excursion

The London excursion gives the students a first-hand experience of Europe’s financial capital and a few of the worlds leading investment banks and private equity firms



HankInvest Seminar

An annual seminar with high profile speakers discussing various current topics:

  • Transformative power of technology (2019)

  • Nordic Innovation (2018)

  • Becoming a Global Force (2017)

  • Opportunities in Finland (2016)

Previous speakers include John Lindfors, Jenny Wolfram, Isabella Löwengrip, Björn Wahlroos, and Hjallis Harkimo amongst others



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Edvin Engman (Vice President)

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